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holy names as after a witness reported a man in his 20s wandering the campus with a gun. >> we hear all these sirens, everyone getting into their car. telling people to sit in their cars. >> reporter: the campus immediately went on lockdown, both in classrooms and campus housing. >> we got an e-mail saying there was someone on campus with a gun. there's a lockdown going on. >> several witnesses spotted the man described as overweight wearing a blue blazer and glasses and had conversations with him. at least one witness saw a handgun tucked in his waistband. >> witnesses described his behavior as being somewhat dishelved and something appeared off. they had an uncomfortableness with this individual. that's what caused them to report it. >> holy names university has the student body of 1300, and students say getting on campus
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requires that you show a security guard at the gate your school issued i.d. >> i love my school, the fact that someone would bring a gun to campus is scary. especially when we have security guards at the front gate. so no one can just walk on to our campus. >> police spent more than three hours searching all 20 campus buildings. one student snapped this photo with a cell phone showing officers searching one of those buildings with their guns drawn. >> this is really scary. and then we have to come to the same school and continue classes, you know, that's tough. we don't know if something else is going to happen or what. >> officers still keeping an eye out for anyone fitting the description of this man, but the police department says it is confident he is no longer here on campus. live in oakland, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thankfully there are no injuries. also making headlines this afternoon, the weather, hot inland and even the beaches i believe hit 80 degrees. we'll take a live look at
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oakland right now. oakland breaking a record 86 degrees today. we had record breaking temperatures across the region. let's get to jeff ranieri, checking the hotspots, and as we head toward this weekend. >> it's wild and wacky out here. numbers about 20 degrees above average for a lot of the bay area. not only a new record in oakland but also santa rosa, topping out at 90. napa a new record at 87. heyward and concord. now, let's get a look at santa rosa. we shattered the old record of 84 set back in 2001. i just began to show you how unusual it is to get this kind of weather this time of year. we are going to be undergoing at least the start of some changes for friday. we'll start with plenty of low to mid-60s. then by the afternoon hours, temperatures will go up, but not nearly as hot as we had for today. by the 1:00 p.m. hour, we're expecting low to mid-70s across the east and the south bay. that's a lot better for you.
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take a look at this, we're tracking major changes in the seven-day forecast, one of the strongest, widespread systems we will have seen in months looks to impact us next week. >> thanks so much, jeff. a heated court battle led to the release of thousands of files today from the boy scouts of america outlining decades of abuse. boy scouts fought to keep the files private arguing a confidential list encourages more whistle-blowers to come forward and protect the victims. the oregon supreme court ruled the record should be released after an assistant scout master was convicted of sex abuse. >> you do not get to keep secrets about hidden dangers for children. period, end of conversation. that's what they did. it was wrong. >> in the past we didn't do the job we should have. and we're sorry for that, profoundly sorry. >> the files released today, only pertains to the oregon case and dement with the years 1965
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through 1985, lawyers are pushing for the boy scouts to release all their documents. ween watt to tell you more about those documents. they contain so-called perversion files opened in 40 different bay area cities over the decades. the oldest case in san francisco dated back to 1957. the most recent case last year in livermore. the cities mentioned in the files range from gilroy, santa rosa, and pacifica to concord. you can take a look at the documents yourself on our website. you'll find a link at nbc bay a statewide search is on for a 15-year-old sonoma county girl, abducted by her godfather. ruby cruz mendosa was walking with a friend yesterday when a car pulled up with a suspect in the passenger seat. 29-year-old carmona used to live with the family, apparently moved out when the parents realized he and the teenager were having a physical relationship. yesterday afternoon police say carmona shoved the girl's friend
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to the ground. and the gray two-door compact car drove off with ruby inside. investigators say she may have gone voluntarily. did you see it? it looked like a rocket, didn't it? blasting across the sky. it was mesmerizing for those of you who happened to look up in the sky at the time. a meteor that stunned the bay area. now, some people on the ground are looking for evidence. we bring in nbc bay area's jodi hernandez who joins us in martinez where the hunt is on. what are we looking for here and why martinez? >> the hunt is definitely on, raj we caught up with several people today who spent their day on this trail looking for pieces of space rock. it seems that meteor zip over us last night wasn't enough for so some. christina and her daughter spent the hills searching martinez looking for signs of last
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night's meteorite. >> i don't know if you've ever held one, but it's cool. i would like to hold one again, especially one that's come hurtling out of space. >> reporter: it blazed through the sky over the bay area last night, leaving everyone who saw it in awe. >> it was spectacular. one of the brightest things i've ever seen in the sky. >> it looked like the trajectory was going to take it over toward fairfield. >> we think it may have landed somewhere in the martinez hills. >> reporter: an astronomy teacher speculates the meteorite may have landed near martinez. others say it probably ended up much further north. >> even if the area you think it fell in was a few miles across, that's a lot of terrain to cover to look for something that's that big. >> that's not stopping the wilcoxs. they called it a day but will be up in the trail tomorrow. >> we're going up in the hilley
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area where they're bald and golden. so you can see more things standing out. >> i found a bone, and i found some lizards. >> but no -- >> no, no meteorite. >> and we are back here live, you're looking at the hills of martinez, again, folks several folks spent the day scouring this area. but as far as we know, everybody came up empty-handed. there were sightings as far north as lake and mendocino counties. while some speculate the meteor could have landed here. most say it probably ended up much further north if it made land at all. reporting live in martinez, jodi hernandez nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi. switching to economic news, a rough ride for silicon valley
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companies today, google released its earnings report hours ahead of schedule spooking investors who are not impressed with the numbers. google fell down $60 today, the filing agents mistakenly released the earnings report prematurely. >> it was also a down day for amd. the chipmaker reported a huge quarterly loss and massive layoff. about 1800 people will get pink slips. amd has been struggling to compete with indel when it comes to chip sales. why fighting crime is now a personal crusade for one bay area candidate. delivering a message, the scouts who was kicked out because he's gain has a new push to earn the honor he was denied. if you suffer from dry eyes, there's now a 12-minute procedure that may give you relief. coming up, i'll show you how it works. and good afternoon on this thursday.
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i'm jeff ranieri. we are tracking some rare record setting heat across the bay area. right now, 87 in livermore, 80 in san jose. major changes coming our way. we'll detail our next chance of rain and when 60s return in a few minutes. jo
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. an oakland city councilman was robbed near his home after he attended an anti-crime meeting. councilman kolb was robbed at gunpoint last night around 8:30 in the rock ridge district. he had just gotten out of his car when someone poked him in the back with a gun. his wallet and iphone were stolen. he was not hurt, and police have not made any arrests. in health matters, an estimated 700,000 people in the bay area have it. we're talking about dry eyes. and now, for the first time in years, they have a new treatment option.
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marianne favro is here to explain. >> dry eyes can be so uncomfortable they can make it difficult for some patients to work. now, dozens of bay area patients have ditched their eyedrops and are seeing clearly thanks to a new fda approved procedure. laura harvey has suffered from dry eyes for years. something this high-tech device is confirming, which is why she's trying a new dry eye treatment. >> the first thing i'm going to do is put powerful numbing drops in the eye. >> dr. markmann del in heyward is the first in the bay area to offer the fda approved treatment to the patients. >> how is it feel something. >> the device works by melting down the abnormal i'lls in the eyelids. >> gently milk those oils out of the oil glands and allows new oils to repopulate the oil gland so we have more normal oil to help prevent evaporation of the water layer. >> the treatment lasts only 12 minutes. most patients experience at
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least a year's worth of relief. >> you blink and it's dry and you blink and it's dry. >> reporter: she had to put lubricating drops in her eyes up to seven times a day. >> now, i haven't used the drops, i haven't had to. when i wake up in the morning the eye's not dry, which is a huge relief. >> reporter: one out of ten people have dry eyes, and up until now, they've had few options. >> it's revolutionary technology, prior to this, the only way we've been able to treat dry eye is using preparations such as lube we indicating drops or ointments or omega threes or warm compresses. laura hopes in 6 to 8 weeks the oils many her eyelids will be normal again. and she'll be able to ditch the dryness and discomfort. >> about 15% of dry eye patients are not good candidates for the procedure. it costs $1800 and is not covered by insurance.
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mary ann favreau, nbc bay area news. >> nice to have another relief option. thanks, mary ann. it's that time of year when our stocks turn to things orange. and no we're not talking about the giants. >> we're talking about pumpkins. tonight we learn about one special pumpkin patch and the remarkable young man behind it. garvin thomas continues our series about what's working well in the bay area. >> wyatt coulter is remarkable. his growing story is tonight's bay area proud. along this stretch of lake view highway in sonoma county. among the horse farms and grapevines, you'll find a small patch of what's right with the
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world. >> so -- >> and the 15-year-old who farms it. >> this is where we grow a lot of them. >> wyatt is a city boy. he lives about 40 miles away in san francisco. but when he was just 8 years old, wyatt asked his parents if he could grow pumpkins on the land the family owned up here. >> there's one here that's the ugly one of the bunch. >> reporter: there were two reasons for his request, wyatt says. a long-held love of fall and a newfound realization that not everyone lived as comfortably as he did. >> at the moment when you start seeing some of the bad in the world. you start seeing some of the people on the streets hungry, you start seeing the dogs who have been abused or you see kids that don't have the opportunity you have, and you want to start doing something. you don't understand what's going on quite yet, but what i felt was, i needed to help some
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how. >> reporter: the first year he sold $100 worth of pumpkins and gave it all to charity. the next year he earned a little more, and he has each following year. now, wyatt's math skills are taxed -- >> okay, 110 is your total. 150. $350. 95. $115 is your total. >> reporter: last year he raised $18,000 selling pumpkins. this year he's shooting for 20. and you'd be crazy to bet against him. >> it all adds up to $400. >> wyatt says it's about a half year's work to grow, move and sell the pumpkins, this year numbering about 5,000. payment for his time comes not in money, rather in those three moments when he hands over those three checks to three different
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charities. >> it's just so rewarding. three moments for six months. and those three moments i would actually give two years for. >> reporter: how great for the rest of us then that this model of generosity has so many miles left on him. >> wyatt gives the money to the san francisco food bank, the spca and faces, which is an organization that helps low income children and his families. his first weekend in pumpkin sales, close to $10,000. almost halfway to his goal. and more selling to go. i'll put the link to where you can help out. >> we have to get more active, people. >> i know. >> we have to get going. >> we have to do more. thanks so much, garvin. do you have a story that makes you bay area proud? just head to your website and let us know about it. >> we're thinking of ideas now. let's bring in jeff ranieri.
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>> for all those giants fans out there right now. after that severe weather. we had the rain delay yesterday. we are looking at a chance of showers by the ninth inning, until then, maybe cloud cover building in. not any kind of major storm activity, does not look like a lot of rain delays at this point. back here across the bay area, it's been all about the heat. record setting for today. 10 to 20 degrees above average. some of the warmest, livermore 91, santa rosa. san francisco even topping out at a very warm for october 84. look at next week, 50s and 60s coming our way for daytime highs. currently on the weather boards, we are seeing a 10 degree drop in santa rosa with the winds shifting onshore. livermore at 87, also 85 in
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pleasanton. let's get a look at some of the sizes and changes happening right now, the wind speed is not major, but a little bit of on shore flow in oakland. also, livermore, 5 to 10 miles per hour. let's take a look outside of our live hd sky camera network right now. a haze in some poor air quality this afternoon to deal with. up in san francisco with, that warm day, we are clear. but it's your -- you can see on the far right of your screen, the flag now sarting to shift out of the west. a sign of the onshore flow starting to build. all of this hot air we've dealt with, it's going to shift off to the south and east. eventually this is going to make way for cooler weather by the weekend. i know people like the heat, but we need some changes in here and much-needed rainfall. we're going to talk about that in the seven-day forecast.
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instead of 60s and 70s, 40s and 50s at the coastline, 60s and 70s coming our way for the interior valley. you saw the meteor fireball last night up in the sky, you may be wondering are we going to see more? you're in luck, noon it's at 10% visibility. it's not going to be shrouding too much in terms of shooting stars. clear visibility ten miles or better. and we're now undergoing the orionid meteor. look toward the constellation orion and you may see some shooting stars. 78 in palo alto, 78 in san jose. cooling temperatures, also walnut creek, a lot better for you at 79. 79 also in pleasant ton. the ocean ac starting to get clipped on here. 77 in santa rosa. your 3-day forecast has low 70s
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by sunday. and here we go with the big time changes. chance of showers here by monday. accumulating rain possible on tuesday and also for wednesday. this could bring us anywhere from a quarter to a half inch of rainfall. from 90s today to 60s by next week. >> i'm ready for it. >> me too.
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the boss in ohio today campaigning for the president. the boss says bubba, actually, bruce springsteen teaming up with former president bill clinton in the battleground state. president obama himself was in new hampshire not even ohio. as for the romney campaign. ann romney appeared on the view where she says her husband will fight to bring prosperity to
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women, men and all americans. >> the east bay boy scout who was denied his promotion to eagle scout because he's gay is continuing his fight to get his award. ryan anderson, his parents and supporters, delivered more than 400,000 signatures gathered through the online website anderson says he's optimistic the council will change their policy or allow his troop to amend the policy. >> i'm hoping that the council will overturn their policy. i think they understand it's not okay. i made it very clear to them. i think they know there's not going to be any trouble with them if they go against the policy and help out gay scouts like me. i hope a national policy gets overturned. >> the boy scouts of america released a statement that says, anderson does not meet scouting standards on sexual orientation.
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our news continues here on nbc bay area. >> hi, guys, next on "nightly news" americans discovering they're rich and they doesn't even know it. how they're finding out they're living on millions of dollars worth of goods. new at 6:00, a group of orange circles atop the adobe building in san jose. now there's a new code to crack for a valley high on the silicon valley skyline. that's coming up at 6:00. >> thanks for watching us here at 5:00. thirty-eight mean? funding. restores what we've lost... music and science labs. and your school. can get a world-class education. and sacramento can't touch it. me? the sky's my limit.
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